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TorrentStreaming - No more waiting for downloads, stream torrents for free!

TorrentStreaming is an application that makes it possible for users to watch torrents before they have been fully downloaded. The application is very lightweight and simple to use, it has minimal impact on your system speed. TorrentStreaming uses a simple drag and drop system that allows users to drop a file into the program to start playback.

Play torrent movies without waiting for download.

A whole new way to watch movies, skip the download step and watch .torrent movies without waiting for download just with TorrentStreaming, a free cross-plateform app, available for Windows, Mac & Linux.

With TorrentStreaming you can watch unlimited Torrent Movies, you can grab them from any site and watch them instantly without waiting for download. The interface is so simple and clean, to play a torrent file just copy/past the torrent url or magnet and voilà ! you can also drag and drop the file to the app and TorrentStreaming will play it, yeah it's magic!


  • Watch torrents before they are completely downloaded
  • Drop and drag system
  • Allows users to download torrents
  • Light on system resources


  • Can be expensive when used without a data plan
  • Torrent downloads can be slow at times
  • Requires a lot of disc space for saving of downloads
  • Video quality can be bad at times

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TorrentStreaming 1.0.0 for PC

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